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Ezhil Arasan Babaraj

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Smart Village 2015 - an initiative by KITA

KITA is a nonprofit organization formed by very passionate and innovative people from KERALA

This was one of the most interesting symposium that I had ever presented in. My experience in presenting at this event was little bit different than others. The reason behind is, all the other events (in general) that I participated is mainly focused on relevant technologies such as Cloud Computing, Mobility and Social Networking and I never had an issue setting up the stage for me to start. But, this event had a very challenging audience ranging from no-voice to highly knowledgeable in technology space and I had a very interesting time with my co-speakers as well.

What is KITA?
KITA is a nonprofit organization formed by very passionate and innovative people from KERALA who lives across the world. KITA is abbreviated as "Kerala IT Alliances". KITA's primary objective is to make Kerala as a premier Global Information Technology (IT) hub.

What is all about Smart Village 2015?
If you consider the IT penetration in India, it just stays within the Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai...etc. Of course, there is a little bit of penetration happening in the second & third tier cities as well. But, the remaining rural & villages have been left untouched. Though, many initiatives have been happening like Rural BPO, Knowledge dissemination programs ...etc, It is not adequate for the people who live in those places. The idea about building a Smart Village by 2015 is to look at from all the aspects such as infrastructure, knowledge, health and investments that are required to bring out the innovation that can happen in every corner of Kerala. That seems to be a real good initiative to me.

About CSS Corp Participation?
The topic given to me was "Collaboration, Analytics & Social Computing in the Cloud" and I believe, I did a decent job of presenting it. The theme revolves around the historical view of computing and then looking at the advancement that are happening today, and the potential we have in our hands to go and make it happen. I believe students are the game changer of any social system and the message to them was about the big opportunity on their way. I have linked my presentation here for your reference as well.

What I liked in this symposium?
The IT minister of KERALA inaugurated the event and I liked the importance that he gave to an initiative like this.

George Abraham was calling all the corporate to adopt villages at their will to support Smart Village 2015 initiatives.

The CEO of NASSCOM foundation Rital Soni, discussed about how NASSCOM can work along with KITA to drive the social entrepreneurship through IT in the villages.

The COO IDSi International Shilpa Mohan, presented about how the University can become an Entrepreneurial Hub to facilitate the innovation at universities.

Who are the people behind this?
KITA has been operating with the leadership of the following people.

  • George Abraham, Chief Technology Officer, United Nations Pension Fund
  • Suresh Kumar, President & CEO, NexAge Technologies USA Inc;
  • Daniel Mohan, CEO, IDSi
  • Antony Satyadas, Chief Competitive Marketing Officer, Lotus Software, IBM Corporation
  • Chacko Pallathucheril, IT Consultant

More information about the above people can be found at this link.

The idea about Smart Village 2015 can only be achieved with the help of necessary Infrastructure and technology. I have been preaching about new technology adoption such as Cloud computing and Mobility with various corporate, financial institutions & universities. I firmly believe, having the necessary infrastructure only can enable one to adopt for this rapid change. I have been witnessed by various big corporate struggles to adopt new technologies, due to the non availability of the right infrastructure and resources. Finally, it is the GOVT of India to think about building the necessary infrastructure and allow people to be more innovative irrespective of the place where they live. This is the only way we can save our Villages and the people life style untouched. If you have an opinion please feel free to email me @ ezhil[dot]sathya[at]gmail[dot]com

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